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A novel way to present slides… a website!

How can you spice up a bit you slides and rebrand them as online learning material

Alvaro Perez


Last week I gave a seminar on digital customer centricity for Danone’s top executive tier in Mexico. For the first time, I used a website instead of slides presentation software.

People who have attended my talks know that I like to stress how producing software is every day more easy and simple. For this experiment I used, a tool that defines itself as

“a platform for building simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything”

Carrd has been gaining a lot of popularity since 2017.

I have used this for a while for my personal site and Cubi’s site is as well currently based on Carrd.

This tool can be combined with, a project for those who literally know nothing about website development. ComponentsUI provides you with a set of prefabricated website parts, ready to copy and paste on your own.

This might sound unorthodox, but I can see a number of advantages to this approach:

▶️ The site stays online and is more easily reachable again by your audience.
▶️ It eases the sharing of media since most tools will allow you to share an internet browser tab with audio.
▶️ It allows external links to be opened and shared fast.
▶️ It somehow forces you to have a clean design. We all know how many slides suck, right?

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