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This is the first of a two-piece article. Here in the first part, we’ll discuss the types of apps and development languages. In the next, we’ll introduce no-code and other tools for non-techies.

Years ago there were only two ways to build a mobile app. One for iPhone’s iOS (Objective-C)…

First released in 2011, Elixir is a dynamic, functional, general-purpose programming language designed to develop scalable, maintainable applications. It has a syntax similar to Ruby on Rails. Since its launch, it has been gaining acceptance because it is scalable, fault-tolerant, and excels at writing microservices and applying cloud computing concepts.

Presentation skils

How can you spice up a bit you slides and rebrand them as online learning material

Last week I gave a seminar on digital customer centricity for Danone’s top executive tier in Mexico. For the first time, I used a website instead of slides presentation software.

People who have attended my talks know that I like to stress how producing software is every day more easy…

The third one is of special interest if you don’t plan to die anytime soon…

Things you should know before embarking into a digital course.

Yes, studying a digital course is a great idea. But if you need some reasons to reassure you a little bit, here you have three — with three tips that you can apply while you are at it.

Reason #1: digital skills are more and more in-demand, but change fast

Many of us are geographically restrained because of the pandemic, but the…

The acronym 5G refers to the fifth generation of wireless network technology for mobile phones and connected devices. Each new G marks a radical change in the nature of the data being carried over wireless communications networks, be it speed, capacity, or latency.

The first-generation network was analog, i.e., it…

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